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  • Issue with quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly
    Dear sir i dont understand need of this feature Monthly Recharge what about those who have yearly package or half yearly or quaterly? this is going to make much complications
    5 hours ago by Abbas
  • Release 2022-06-07 Audit Log feature
    [quote="harshad, post:2, topic:886"] Would love to see export and filter option to it. Thanks Zima [/quote] We added the Export function and the filters for the columns as shown in the screenshot below: ![audit log|690x338, 75%](upload://600lJf8uyaj3RAzKBWvmmfWcQE0.png) Would you like to test? We're looking forward for your feedback :memo: :open_book: Thank you! :blush:
    6 days ago by Support
  • Question about new release: plans with duration = 12months
    Thanks @mилен for the feedback. Don't worry about the yearly plans, we will be handling this type of plans (along with the quarterly, semi-yearly) just in the upcoming release. The invoicing and payments will be answered in a universal and clean way that is simple and easy for everyone to understand. The duration will become on the subscriber level instead of Service plan level. **For example:** It will be possible for 2 different subscribers to be registered to the same service plan (5Mbps for example) Subscriber 1 is billed every 3months while Subscriber 2 is billed every month Same Service plan configs etc. but different billing cycles. It gives flexibility and allows a better management experience instead of recreating different types of the same service plans just to cater for the different billing cycles. We will elaborate more on that in future posts very soon. Hope this explanation helps. Feel free to ask any other questions!
    6 days ago by Support
  • Question about new release: plans with duration = 12months
    I noticed you released a new version, congrats! Most of my users were on 1month and were not affected but I had a few users where I had specified service plan duration = 12 months. How to go about them with the new release? Thank you beforehand :innocent:
    6 days ago by Mилен
  • Release 2022-06-07 Audit Log feature
    [quote="support.zima, post:5, topic:886"] figuring out the device's IP from which they have logged in is not possible if it was a local IP :thinking: I will check with team and will get back to you on this one. [/quote] IP of the device from which they have logged in is not possible. Public IP could be logged but not sure this is what you're looking for.
    6 days ago by Support
  • Release 2022-06-17 New Layout for Service Plans
    # FAQ and feedback ### 1. why does all my packages say 1 month at the end of them Nothing to worry about concerning the 1 Month. It will renew automatically without any side effects. ### 2. I try to add a user and it set an expiry date of today and customer is in pink This is the expected behaviour after the update. After adding the user it is considered expired. You need to edit his expiry to any day in the future and the auto-renew will take care of it from that point. ### 3. How to stop the auto-renew of my expired users? The auto-renew script ignores blocked users, we have adjusted it to ignore expired users too, so you don't need to change anything. However if you want to stop the auto-renew, you can do that by setting your service price > 0. You can do that from the managers page by editing the assigned service plan retail price to a number > 0. ### 4. Is it stable now and will you keep doing annoying updates? It is stable now, the script works as described and you can stop it by doing the adjustment mentioned above. Updates that affect user experience are annoying, we hear you. However, we needed to normalize the service plans feature so we can correctly implement the billing and notifications feature coming next. ### 5. I don't need the upcoming billing and notifications feature, am I obliged to use it? The upcoming feature can be avoided basically by having service plans price set to 0. Also the notifications can be turned off. So for ISPs that use other billing systems and want to keep it simple, they can keep doing that.
    9 days ago by Support
  • Release 2022-06-17 New Layout for Service Plans
    Hello Community We have a new update for you we hope that you'll like it! In this release, we revamped the Service plans feature layout and functionality. Here are the details: ### 1. Good bye Quota Control Quota Control has been replaced with a simplified UI that covers the most common use cases. Your existing rules will remain intact and functional. You can override them by editing your service plans and clicking save. New Service Plan layout: ![image|690x397](upload://6Sc40vcCxqZK7uDoCpmEpn0QO5J.png) ### 2. Good bye bulky Burst configs Burst speeds have been removed because they are not needed anymore and because they add unnecessary load on your routers CPUs. ### 3. Service plans are now all monthly based Some ISPs had Service plans with no-duration: Now you'll see an expiry date for each of your subscribers. Don't worry, this expiry date will renew automatically. You can block the user anytime. Other ISPs had duration=3months, 6months, 12months, or 1day, ..., 27days, ..., 30days: They have all been normalized to 1 month. ### 3. Auto-renew for Service plans with price = 0 For ISPs that had Service plans with price = 0, you may see in your Audit Log that the system auto-renewed expired subscribers. Don't worry about this, as Zima has also blocked them. Exception: ISPs that had subscribers expired within the last 3 days have been missed from the block, so just make sure about those. The new Service plan layout is self explanatory but we'll write a post about its different sections and functionalities in a documentation post soon. Stay tuned!
    12 days ago by Updates
  • Release 2022-06-07 Audit Log feature
    Good point, the IP looks useful. However figuring out the device's IP from which they have logged in is not possible if it was a local IP :thinking: I will check with team and will get back to you on this one.
    6 days ago by Support
  • How to privilege the new manager to see customers?
    Multi Factor Authentication can be planned too. Thanks for your feedback! We can start by giving the option for MFA through Google Authenticator app, and later extend it with other methods. Other ZIMA users interested in Multi Factor Authentication please like this post or let us know by replying to this post
    14 days ago by Support
  • How to privilege the new manager to see customers?
    As part of this feature can you look at MFA for logins too?
    14 days ago by support

How it works

Step 1: Connect Mikrotik

Step 2: Add Subscribers

Step 3: Manage


Quota Control

  • Specify daily, weekly, monthly quota consumption for clients
  • Multi-level bandwidth shaping to help prevent consumption abuse
  • Create FUP rules for peak time (Fair Usage Policy)
  • Specify higher rate limits at off-peak time (i.e. double, or triple speed after midnight)
  • Exclude traffic accounting during a certain time of day (i.e. free quota after midnight)
  • Specify speed on based on week day (i.e. faster speed on the weekend)
  • Create special service plans that are active during business hours only (i.e. blocked on weekends, and after 6PM on business days)

Consumption Graphs

  • Detailed consumptions graphs of your subscribers
  • Fitler using custom time ranges

Central Monitoring Page

  • Seamless control of your ISP from a single page
  • Block/unblock, and renew subscriptions
  • Quick search, and filtering by status (Active users, Expired, Expires-soon, Online, Offline)
  • Color codes (Online, Offline, Blocked, Expired)
  • Customize column visibility

More features


Customize your company name, logo, currency, and sub-domain.

Role Based Access

Admin, reseller, sub-Resellers, and subscribers. Each reseller/sub-reseller manages their own list of subscribers, admin manages all.

MAC Auto Detect & Lock

Automatic binding of MAC address to subscriber on first connection. Reset MAC binding when a device is changed.

Accounting & Reports

Easy credits transactions. Customize your accounting reports. Export reports to CSV or Excel.

Cloud Based

No need for a server anymore. All you need is a Mikrotik router. Access your ISP from anywhere using your subdomain

Data Safety

Your data is stored safely, and kept private. No need to worry about data backup anymore.


We are committed to provide the best product and support for all our ZIMA plans.


For starting and small ISPs.




For growing ISPs

Monthly Internet Users
Per Month

1-249 $0.8/user

250-999 $0.5/user

1000-4999 $0.3/user

5000-14999 $0.2/user



Comparative guide of ZIMA Features

Free Premium
Routers 1 Unlimited
Quota Control
Client Login
Payment Gateways
Email/SMS Notifications

Made For Mikrotik

Zima is fully compatible with Mikrotik (RouterOs). We are also enlisted among MFM (Made For Mikrotik)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install Zima?

Do I need any technical skills to setup Zima?

Do I need a public IP to use Zima?

Can I import my subscribers from other RADIUS systems to Zima?

How much time do I need to setup Zima, migrate my subscribers, and connect my routers?

Is there a limit for the number of subscribers I can add?

One of my routers has been damaged, and I need to replace it. How can I restore?

I manage 2 remote locations, with 2 separate networks. Do I need 2 licenses?

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