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  • Usage Graph to included PPP disconnections
    Jazakallah This is also very urgently needed
    12 hours ago by Muhammad Ally
  • Frame ip is not working
    Hello @Vinod_Manger The screenshot does show a fixed IP setting not framed-IP. A framed-IP is configured by editing the field in zima, so that the client is assigned the IP upon authentication. Another comment, the screenshot shows: Doesn't look right, replace by:
    2 days ago by Support
  • Expiry time 12AM at night
    Thanks for the feedback. [quote="Vinod_Manger, post:1, topic:390"] Expiry Time (12:00 am at night) [/quote] Would you elaborate the steps with screenshots: 1. the action 2. the current result 3. the expected result Detailed reports are necessary to be able to fix. [quote="Vinod_Manger, post:1, topic:390"] Session of client( when client login or logout) [/quote] Will post details of this feature and link soon [quote="Vinod_Manger, post:1, topic:390"] Frame ip (frame ip is not works) [/quote] More details are necessary, please create new post just about this topic with the 3 steps explained above with necessary screenshots.
    2 days ago by Support
  • Duplicating IP addreses
    Will develop a detailed post about this use case by next week and link and we'll take it from there
    2 days ago by Naim Zard
  • Usage Graph to included PPP disconnections
    Noted, so the fields will be: DateTime From, DateTime To, Duration, PPPName, IP Will develop a detailed post about this feature and link by next week
    2 days ago by Naim Zard
  • Duplicating IP addreses
    Hi Any time frame when this option will be available? To allocate ip pools to a specific router or multiple routers.
    2 days ago by Muhammad Ally
  • Expiry time 12AM at night
    Like the most, but some problem still in Zima. like Expiry Time (12:00 am at night) Session of client( when client login or logout) Frame ip (frame ip is not works)
    2 days ago by Vinod Manger
  • Session Logs Urgent request
    Hi We urgently need session logs to cross reference disconnections etc with clients. There is a create and remove queue rule that's being sent from Zima every time there is a connection and disconnection. It shouldn't be hard to add session logs.
    7 days ago by Muhammad Ally
  • Frame ip is not working
    I am trying to provide frame ip to the user, but i puts ips then network shows "Unidentified Network" Screenshot below ![screenshot|690x465](upload://9hiBBXIX2jJtoH6ZiTwhGI3PSIC.jpg) Router DNS is ![image|690x388](upload://8aEdFeulPk82srkIJyf8S9mtQL3.png)
    7 days ago by Vinod Manger

How it works

Step 1: Connect Mikrotik

Step 2: Add Subscribers

Step 3: Manage

Quota Control

  • Specify daily, weekly, monthly quota consumption for clients
  • Multi-level bandwidth shaping to help prevent consumption abuse
  • Create FUP rules for peak time (Fair Usage Policy)
  • Specify higher rate limits at off-peak time (i.e. double, or triple speed after midnight)
  • Exclude traffic accounting during a certain time of day (i.e. free quota after midnight)
  • Specify speed on based on week day (i.e. faster speed on the weekend)
  • Create special service plans that are active during business hours only (i.e. blocked on weekends, and after 6PM on business days)

Consumption Graphs

  • Detailed consumptions graphs of your subscribers
  • Fitler using custom time ranges

Central Monitoring Page

  • Seemless control of your ISP from a single page
  • Block/unblock, and renew subscriptions
  • Quick search, and filtering by status (Active users, Expired, Expires-soon, Online, Offline)
  • Color codes (Online, Offline, Blocked, Expired)
  • Customize column visibility

More great features


Customize your company name, logo, currency, and sub-domain.

Role Based Access

Admin, reseller, sub-Resellers, and subscribers. Each reseller/sub-reseller manages their own list of subscribers, admin manages all.

MAC Auto Detect & Lock

Automatic binding of MAC address to subscriber on first connection. Reset MAC binding when a device is changed.

Accounting & Reports

Easy credits transactions. Customize your accounting reports. Export reports to CSV or Excel.

Cloud Based

No need for a server anymore. All you need is a Mikrotik router. Access your ISP from anywhere using your subdomain

Data Safety

Your data is stored safely, and kept private. No need to worry about data backup anymore.

Pricing Plans


/month (/year)












Made For Mikrotik

Zima is fully compatible with Mikrotik (RouterOs). We are also enlisted among MFM (Made For Mikrotik)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install Zima?

Do I need any technical skills to setup Zima?

Do I need a public IP to use Zima?

Can I import my subscribers from other RADIUS systems to Zima?

How much time do I need to setup Zima, migrate my subscribers, and connect my routers?

Is there a limit for the number of subscribers I can add?

One of my routers has been damaged, and I need to replace it. How can I restore?

I manage 2 remote locations, with 2 separate networks. Do I need 2 licenses?

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