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  • In User Panel Settings
    My profile doesn't show in user panel I can give permission to my user to change password or not Please work on it The user panel should contain everything that X-Simple.Radius I happen?????
    a day ago by Star4G
  • 2FA setup on account
    Hello @saint_patrick Thanks for your question. Yes 2FA or Two-Factor-Authentication is a needed feature and it is planned. Some call it also MFA or Multi-Factor-Authentication. For those who are not familiar with it: It is a feature that allows the user to add an extra layer of security when accessing their account. It sends an OTP or a One-Time-Password to his mobile or email usually a 4-digit number. This 4-digit number ensures that only him can access his account and no other hacker or attacker could log in. Having said that, I'll talk a bit about our releases. We still did not release the 2FA yet because we have been busy with other needed fixes. However, we added the activity log feature that allows you to inspect the actions done in the system. It does not replace the need for 2FA but it complements it. Two factor authentication is planned and it will be part of a future release once we finish from our current needed fixes. Here's a thread where Two factor authentication was discussed by the community if you'd like to also add your opinion there it helps:
    a day ago by Support
  • I was waiting for zima new release
    Hello @sohanur1 That's correct, this feature that we have been working on is still not released. We understand the frustration due to the delays but we had to work on necessary fixes before releasing it. The fixes were the auto-renew and the activity log. Soon we'll push a new release that removes the ambiguity around IP pools and revamps how Mikrotik is synchronized. Those fixes weren't expected to cost so much time but they were necessary. However, after this release, things should be moving faster. Sorry again, and feel free to reach out anytime to our webchat for any further questions.
    2 days ago by Support
  • Web page when the customer has not paid
    The page redirection was possible during the http days. It was done as follows: With Https this cannot be done anymore. It is sad because it was handy back then and simple. We are aiming to solve the https redirection problem by the **Notifications feature** (still work-in-progress not released yet). It allows you to send an automated email/sms/whatsapp/or push notifocation when the account is about to expire, and when it expires with a link to the client portal for more information. This is probably the best approach to solve this problem. Let us know if this solution does work for you. As for the keep renewing issue that you mentioned, it is not a bug, you can stop the auto-renew by setting a price for your service plan. It's documented here for your reference: Fix it as mentioned and let us know if you still have any issues remaining. Always happy to assist πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸŒž
    2 days ago by Support
  • Ubiquity question
    Hello Valentino and welcome to the forums! It is likely that the Powerbeam M2 is not configured correctly, causing it to forward its own MAC address. To set up a Ubiquiti PowerBeam M2 as a point-to-point bridge, follow these steps: Mount the PowerBeam M2 on a sturdy surface. Make sure it has an unobstructed line of sight with the other PowerBeam M2 you will be connecting to. 1- Reset the Powerbeam M2 to factory defaults - To reset to factory defaults, **press and hold the Reset button for more than 10 seconds while the PowerBeam is already powered on** . Alternatively, the PowerBeam may be reset remotely via a Reset button located on the bottom of the PoE Adapter. 2- Connect one PowerBeam M2 to your computer using an Ethernet cable. 3- Open a web browser and enter the default IP address of the PowerBeam M2 into the address bar. The default IP address is 4- Log in with the default username and password. The default username is ubnt, and the default password is ubnt. 5- On the **Access Point** device, go to the "Wireless" tab and enable the following: * Wireless Mode: Access Point * WDS: [X] Enable * Click the **Change** button. 6- Enter a unique SSID for your network. This will be used to identify your PowerBeam M2 and differentiate it from other wireless networks in the area. 7- Set the wireless mode to "Bridge" and select the channel you want to use. Make sure you choose a channel that's not being used by other wireless networks in the area. 8- Set the security mode to WPA2-AES and enter a strong password. 9- Go to the Network tab and set the IP: - 10- Save the settings and disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer. 11- Connect the second PowerBeam M2 to your network using an Ethernet cable. 12- Use the following Wireless settings for the Station device: * Wireless Mode: Station * WDS: [X] Enable * Click the **Change** button 13- Repeat the steps (6-10) above to configure the second PowerBeam M2 with the same settings, except the IP address: - Make sure both PowerBeam M2 units are pointed directly at each other with an unobstructed line of sight. Wait for the PowerBeam M2 units to connect to each other. This may take a few minutes. Once the connection is established, you should be able to access your network through the second PowerBeam M2 unit. Any PPPoE devices will register their own MAC address on the pppoe-server. [Reference guide from Ubiquity]( Hope this helps.
    3 days ago by julien
  • Ubiquity question
    I have two m2 dishes one as AP and the other as a station, they are both connected and I have plugged the station into a switch. I want to connect more than one client but zima has locked the station mac address instead of the individual client routers mac address. can you help with that?
    2 days ago by Valentino
  • Web page when the customer has not paid
    i am sure you can do a dns route on your mikrotik. I have also looked in to it. Zima keeps on renewing clients autamaticly.
    6 days ago by Saint Patrick
  • 2FA setup on account
    Good day. I would like to know if 2FA can be implemented due to the rise in unautherised access to accounts.
    6 days ago by Saint Patrick
  • I want to know how i can edit my database
    In Mikrotik RouterOS, IP allocation for PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) connections can be done in several ways, depending on the configuration. Here are some possible scenarios: 1. Static IP address allocation: The administrator can manually assign a specific IP address to a PPP user in the user profile configuration. 2. Dynamic IP address allocation: The PPP server can dynamically assign an available IP address from a pool of addresses configured in the IP pool settings. 3. RADIUS server integration: If the PPP server is configured to use a RADIUS server for authentication and accounting, the RADIUS server can send back an IP address to the PPP server as part of the Access-Accept message. **Scenario 1 and 2** are the ones encountered with Zima as it is not a Radius based system. So when you specify a framed IP in Zima, it is propagated to Mikrotik and it is the first scenario. No problem with that. When you remove the framed from Zima, it is propagated to Mikrotik and it is the second scenario which is Dynamic allocation. It is possible that Mikrotik chooses the same IP for the user as it selects the IPs for allocation. In Mikrotik RouterOS, when dynamic IP allocation is used for PPP connections, the method used to select the next available IP address from the IP pool is based on the "first available" principle. When a PPP connection is initiated, the PPP server checks the IP pool settings to find the first available IP address that is not currently in use by another PPP connection. This means that the IP addresses are allocated in sequential order from the IP pool. For example, if the IP pool is configured to use the range of IP addresses from to, and the first available IP address is, then that IP address will be assigned to the next PPP connection that is initiated. The next available IP address will be, and so on. So that's what is happening on your Mikrotik side. On another note, what is the concern of seeing the same allocated IP for this device? Is it causing any issues or you just want to learn further about the root cause of it? Let us know and we'd be happy to assist further.
    2 days ago by julien
  • I want to know how i can edit my database
    if a client has taken IP dynamically, but I decide to change his address, it does not work. I put a static address from a framed IP and after 1 hour when I removed it, the client again takes the address Tell me where to set so it doesn't remember so much and where this is stored.Can I edit this myself.
    2 days ago by MΠΈΠ»Π΅Π½

How it works

Step 1: Connect Mikrotik

Step 2: Add Subscribers

Step 3: Manage


Quota Control

  • Specify daily, weekly, monthly quota consumption for clients
  • Multi-level bandwidth shaping to help prevent consumption abuse
  • Create FUP rules for peak time (Fair Usage Policy)
  • Specify higher rate limits at off-peak time (i.e. double, or triple speed after midnight)
  • Exclude traffic accounting during a certain time of day (i.e. free quota after midnight)
  • Specify speed on based on week day (i.e. faster speed on the weekend)
  • Create special service plans that are active during business hours only (i.e. blocked on weekends, and after 6PM on business days)

Consumption Graphs

  • Detailed consumptions graphs of your subscribers
  • Fitler using custom time ranges

Central Monitoring Page

  • Seamless control of your ISP from a single page
  • Block/unblock, and renew subscriptions
  • Quick search, and filtering by status (Active users, Expired, Expires-soon, Online, Offline)
  • Color codes (Online, Offline, Blocked, Expired)
  • Customize column visibility

More features


Customize your company name, logo, currency, and sub-domain.

Role Based Access

Admin, reseller, sub-Resellers, and subscribers. Each reseller/sub-reseller manages their own list of subscribers, admin manages all.

MAC Auto Detect & Lock

Automatic binding of MAC address to subscriber on first connection. Reset MAC binding when a device is changed.

Accounting & Reports

Easy credits transactions. Customize your accounting reports. Export reports to CSV or Excel.

Cloud Based

No need for a server anymore. All you need is a Mikrotik router. Access your ISP from anywhere using your subdomain

Data Safety

Your data is stored safely, and kept private. No need to worry about data backup anymore.


We are committed to provide the best product and support for all our ZIMA plans.


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For growing ISPs

Monthly Internet Users
Per Month

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250-999 $0.5/user

1000-4999 $0.3/user

5000-14999 $0.2/user



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Made For Mikrotik

Zima is fully compatible with Mikrotik (RouterOs). We are also enlisted among MFM (Made For Mikrotik)

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much time do I need to setup Zima, migrate my subscribers, and connect my routers?

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